Rabbi Yonason Doria

Certified Mohel

Pre- med degree in Neuroscience from UCLA

Rabbi Doria, originally from California, received his pre-med degree in neuroscience from UCLA.  After graduation, he went to rabbinical school in Israel.  He channeled his keen mind and attention to detail towards rabbinical studies and becoming a certified mohel.  He studied circumcision in the London School of Circumcision and received rabbinical ordination in Israel.

Rabbi Doria studied in Israel for close to 10 years where he served as a mohel. He now lives in Cleveland, Ohio with his wife and four children (and has circumcised two sons). Rabbi Doria will perform your baby's bris milah anywhere around the world.  With his warmth, professionalism, and well-rounded education both in medical and religious aspects of bris milah, you know you are in good hands.

Mazel Tov!

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