Mazel Tov!

A baby’s first cry is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world.  You are a parent to a precious little boy and are filled with awe and gratitude.  To thank G-d for this wonderful gift, we say a special blessing: ברוך אתה ה׳ אלוקינו מלך העולם הטוב והמיטיב

Blessed are you, Hashem, our G-d, King of the universe, Who is good and does good.


The Bris

Now is time to prepare for the bris.

What is circumcision?  Bris Milah: How a simple mitzvah makes a worldwide, eternal impact on the entire Jewish people.  By Rabbi Moshe Schapiro.  Read more…

Call the Mohel

First thing to do is call the mohel
The mohel will ask you questions such as: How is the baby nursing? Is he gaining weight? What are his bilirubin levels? Have these answers ready for the mohel when you call.  This will determine if the bris can take place “on time”, on the eighth day. Contact us.

Arrange the Event

Next, make sure the event is planned
It is customary to perform the bris during the morning which shows alacrity for the mitzvah.  After the bris a nice breakfast  is served for the guests.  Call the caterer and the synagogue or hall to arrange the day, time and place of the bris.

Choose a Name

Choose a beautiful and meaningful name
One of the first decisions to make following the birth of a child is what to name your new bundle of joy. He is officially named right after his bris.  Read more..

What to bring to the Bris

White outfit (can be provided)
Pillow for baby (can be provided)
Father’s Tallis & Tefillin
2 extra Taleisim
Sweet wine/ grape juice
Kiddush cup
Washing cup & bowl
Swaddle blanket
Cloth diapers
List of honors
Bacitracin ointment
Sterile gauze pads
The baby =)

List of Honors

At a bris, there are certain honors you can give to an honorable rabbi or to close family and friends. Prepare the list and give it to the mohel the day of the bris.Honor List at a Bris
Kvatter/Kivaterin: A couple who brings forth the baby. Viewed as a segula for those without children ____________
Chaikos: Brings baby closer to sandek. Optional lower level honor____________
Kisai shel Elyahu: Places baby on chair of Eliyahu. Level 2 honor____________
Me’Hakisai: Takes baby from chair of Eliyahu. Optional level 3 honor____________
Sandek: Holds baby during bris. Level 1 honor. Greatest honor____________
Me’HaSandek: Takes baby from sandek. Optional. Level 3 honor____________
Brachos: Makes the blessings and names the baby. Level 2 honor____________
Standing Sandek: Holds baby during blessings/naming. Level 2 honor____________

Call Rabbi Doria

Any questions or concerns, feel free to call. Contact Rabbi Doria